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whiskey sour // mocktail

my favorite cocktail, sans alcohol. it’s not exact but it’s refreshing, tangy, and a lil bit sweet. hope you love!


1.5oz black iced tea

.5oz honey

1 lemon, juiced

1 egg white


maraschino cherries + cinnamon (optional)

sparkling water to top off (optional)


mix black tea, honey, lemon to shaker. add more lemon or honey depending on desired taste - i like my sour so i do more lemon than honey. add 1 egg white and shake for 60 seconds until frothy. then, add ice to shaker and shake again for 30-60 seconds. pour over ice and add some cinnamon + cherries to garnish! you can also add a touch of sparkling water but be sure not to water it down. ENJOY!

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