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Tangerine "aperol" sour// mocktail

one of my most favorite non-alcoholic drinks i’ve ever madeeee. it’s simple, fresh, and tangy. PLS try this if you know what’s good for you!

ingredients// (makes 2)

1 tangerine

1oz honey syrup (hot water + honey)

4 oz NA liquor (optional)

2 oz NA aperol (i use italian orange from @lyresspiritco)

2oz lemon juice

1 egg white


muddle tangerine with honey syrup. add NA liquor + NA aperol, lemon juice and an egg white. shake without ice for 30 seconds. then, add ice and shake until cold. add more ice to your frosted glass and pour it up. enjoy!

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1 comentário

21 de mai. de 2023

is the egg white necessary? im looking for ideas for my wedding drinks and some people may be a bit against using raw egg

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