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sweater weather mocktail

a mocktail that makes you feel wrapped up in your warmest sweater while still welcoming the refreshing chill in the air.


sprinkle of ground cloves

1oz honey

lemon zest

2oz lime juice

2oz NA whiskey

1oz pineapple juice

2oz guava juice

1 egg white (for froth, optional)

i’ve, rosemary to garnish


sprinkle cloves into your honey. mix and add to shaker. don’t skip this step, it’s so good! zest some lemon into your shaker and add lime juice, NA whiskey, pineapple juice, guava juice, 1 egg white and shake for 30 secs with NO ice. this will help it froth! then, add ice and shake again. pour it up in a glass and add rosemary to garnish!

  • budget friendly option for pineapple juice - buy a can of pineapple slices and just the pure juice inside the can! you’ll save about $10

  • NA whiskey is optional but it helps add more liquid and some flavor. if you want an at-home sub, use iced black tea

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