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spicy blackberry margarita // mocktail

she went viral for a reason - fresh blackberries and no hangover!

ingredients //

1/3 cup fresh blackberries

a few slices jalapeño

1 1/2 limes, juiced

1 tsp maple syrup or agave (optional)

sparkling water



coat your glass rim with agave/maple syrup and add salt. place glass in freezer. start by muddling your blackberries, jalapeño and 1 lime (juiced) in a strainer. if you want to sweeten it, add syrup here. sift it into your cocktail mixer until most of the juice is out. add ice to mixer (this is where you’d add your tequila if drinking) and shake it up. remove glass from freezer and add ice. pour your blackberry mixture into the glass. add 1/2 lime juice. top off with sparkling water - i found the less sparkling water the better so as to not dilute the drink!

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