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hemingway daiquiri

day 2 of my valentine’s day menu // THE MOCKTAIL. what’s more romantic than hemingway? literally everything. but this mocktail is pink, complex and sharp — perfect for a night in to be moody or in love. the history behind this drink is close to my heart because it originated in Cuba. the story goes: Ernest Hemingway, who stayed in Cuba, tried the Floridita's signature drink, the Floridita daiquiri, and said "That's good but I prefer it without sugar and double rum," which became a cocktail now known as the Hemingway daiquiri - we switch things up a bit to make it Non-Alcoholic, which I think Hemingway would be disgusted at... but i'm all about pushing the boundaries. make this and enjoy!

ingredients// makes 2

2oz lime juice

4oz grapefruit juice

1oz maple syrup

4oz NA rum (optional)

2oz maraschino juice

top with lemon + cherries


mix all ingredients together and shake with ice. pour into your frosted glass and garnish with maraschino cherries + lemon peel. P.S. i don’t love maraschino cherries but it adds a really nice flavor to the drink and doesn’t overpower!

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