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yuzu cranberry sauce labneh dip

friendsgiving menu — DAY 1! the appetizer. because dips are the best part of the dinner. and the best of friends are always made at the grazing table before the party really starts.


labneh (32 whole milk yogurt + salt, or buy at store)

3tbsp water

1/3c honey

1.5 tbsp orange juice

1 tbsp yuzu (i use yzu co)

orange zest

cinnamon stick

6oz fresh cranberries

3tbsp pecans


if you want/need to make your labneh at home, start the night before you plan to serve. add whole milk to a strainer lined with a cheese cloth (or paper towel) over and bowl and rest in the fridge for up to 24 hours. you can make your cranberry sauce at least a day before you plan to serve, if you want. but this recipe calls for it fresh and doesn’t really need time to chill! bring water, honey, orange juice, yuzu orange zest and a cinnamon stick to a boil. then, add cranberries. they should start to pop and deflate. simmer until the mixture gets thick. at this point, you can chill your sauce but i like mine warm! spread the labneh out onto a dish and pour cranberry sauce on top. add more orange zest and a cinnamon stick. i forgot to add pecans until after, but definitely add some on top. enjoy with crackers or fresh bread!

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