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Whipped Ricotta Toast with Gremolata Topping

something that has impacted most areas of my life has been my desire to be perfect in almost everything i do. this mindset is what stopped me from cooking until my late 20’s - i was afraid that without any professional experience i couldn’t replicate at home what i ate at a restaurant. and with the rise of social media and an inside look into everyone’s lives and their unbelievably aesthetic dinner parties, i’ve started to feel frustrated at the lack of approachability. so, in honor of keeping things gorgeous and simple, here’s a whipped ricotta toast with a gremolata topping. inspired by misi new york & springtime dinner parties. only 6 ingredients & piped with a plastic bag onto sandwich bread; a reminder that these essence of beauty lies in its imperfection.



olive oil



lemon zest

2 cloves garlic


chop 1/2 cup parsley and mix it with 2 cloves minced garlic + zest of 1 lemon. add 1-2tbsp olive oil and mix. with a hand mixer (food processor should work here too!), whip your ricotta with some salt and olive oil to taste. if you want it SUPER fluffy, add a dash of heavy cream - this is optional. when whipped, add your ricotta to a ziplock baggie and snip off one of the corner edges. make your toast. add ricotta to your toast and more olive oil on top + gremolata and finish with more salt and pepper. enjoy!

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