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Summer Squash Sandwich with a Green Goddess Spread

“The Andi Anderson” — a monsterrrr veggie sammie with zuchinni, squash, homemade green goddess, goat cheese, pecans, hot honey and microgreens. because eating vegetables does not have to be boring!!


fresh basil (1 handful)

fresh chives (1 handful)

fresh dill (1 handful)

plain yogurt, 1/3 cup

2 cloves garlic

salt/pepper/olive oil

1oz lemon juice

warm water (if needed)

bread (i used dutch crunch)

herbed goat cheese

zucchini & squash, sliced thinly

candied or regular pecans (about 4)

hot honey



make your green goddess sauce by blending basil, chivers, dill, yogurt, garlic, salt/pepper/olive oil and lemon juice together. i wanted mine to be thicker so it would spread nicely. if it’s too thick, add warm water VERY slowly to reach your desired consistency. slice your zuchinni and squash - i ended up using a mandolin to get them very thin, but you can do it with a knife. sautee in a sauce pan with a bit of oil, salt and pepper until soft. toast your bread on a cast iron skillet. add green goddess + zuchinni/squash on one side. on the other side, add herbed goat cheese. then, grate 4 pecans over the cheese. drizzle hot honey and add microgreens on top. put it together and enjoy!

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