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Fall Wardrobe Capsule Collection

this is not a recipe. but, just like eating seasonally, i'm a big fan of dressing seasonally. i wanted to share some outfit staples i have in my closet and some that i have my eye on for the upcoming fall/winter season. i'm not a huge shopper and just like my hyperfixation meals, i have hyperfixation outfits. i never feel the need to have a huge variety of clothes because when i love something, i love it and i wear it into the ground. last year i decided i wanted to create capsule wardrobes for each season so that when the weather changed, i'd have staple outfits. each season, i'll add a few fun things to my collection, but generally i like to keep things super simple and outfits that have the potential to last for years. this takes away the stress of not knowing what i'm going wear on a day to day basis. anyway, here's how i generally go about dressing for the cold season:

i have 2-3 pairs of pants that i wear with everything. 2-3 pairs of shoes. a few t-shirts. 6-8 sweaters / flannels, that kinda thing. and about 2-3 jackets. when buying clothes, i tend to pick pieces at higher quality / higher price point so that it will last me a bit longer. small/sustainable businesses are a plus. i try not to go crazy with the trends because i want these clothes to last me throughout the years.

below you will find a selection of items i have and LOVE or some that are on my wishlist for this year or future years!

jeans // a trick i learned from a friend is to size up 1-2 sizes, then get them tailored to fit your body!

i recommend everyone find a pair of jeans they love to death. these are mine.

i have my eye on this colored canvas pant! everyone i know who has them, loves em.

black jeans are a must. i just got these ones and love them! they run a bit small.

these trousers double as a summer / winter pant, if you need to dress up a bit

t shirts // for inside hangs and under your sweaters! i size up 2 sized for an oversized look!

my FAVE oversized t shirt that i share with my boyfriend, lol

sweaters // this is where i truly go off. i loooove sweaters and there's some incredible one's out there

∴ ok so everything from James Steet Co is amazing. they're a smaller, sustainable clothing company. their fall line drops tomorrow and things will go quick!! because they release in small batches i can't link to specific items... but i'll name what i have/love/am looking at: Peruvian Sloane V Neck Sweater, Fran Zip Cardigan, Mora Chunky Beanie, & the Blake Pullover. full disclosure: i bought everything i own at their 50% off sale that happens every year, and full price they're EXPENSIVE. so it's def an investment piece.

∴ i've also been absolutely obsessed with Sézane lately. their pieces really are timeless. here's what i have and love:

this blue wool jumper is literally life giving. i love wearing it over an oversized t-shirt with jeans and my birks. not itchy either! i sized up 2 sizes.

this lighter cardigan is perfect for a warmer fall day. i let it hang off my shoulder which i luv.

this oversized mockneck sweater is leggggit the coziest thing i've put on. i might order another one...

i keep trying to make sweater vests work on me, so here's to hoping cuz i love em.

i've been wanting this sweater in the yellow for a whileeee. i sized up to an xxl! it's almost sold out

something about this cardigan gives me like, fall at Harvard vibes.. with black loafers?! too cute.

another cardigan that feels like the perfect balance btwn cozy and sexyyyy

babaa is inexplicable... their quality is UNMATCHED and small/sustainable company with all of their clothes being so finely made has me in love. my ONE qualm with them is that everything is "one size" and while it's already suuuuper oversized, as a tall girl i prefer to be absolutely drowning in my sweaters and with these i just feel like i'm swimming in the deep end, if that makes sense.

this wool turtleneck jumper is going to last me 40 years, i just know it. i looove it. at first it's a litttle itchy, but overtime it goes away. i wear this almost every single day when the weather turns.

this is the sweater i plan to buy from them this year... it's so cute and comes in tons of colors.

∴ i continue to shop at reformation, even though their prices are sometimes astronomical and there are certain pieces of clothing i own from there that i'm like... what? but the things i do own, i LOVE!!

this v-neck sweater is a dupe of James St Co.. so, if you can't get your hands on one of those, this is the second best.

i bought this sweater on sale last year because i refused to buy it at full price, and now that i own it, i can very easily say i've worn it into the ground and it will last me a lifetime and i would 100% buy one at full price.

∴ i've been a huuuuuge dissh fan for years, but mainly for summer pieces. surprisingly, they have an incredible knitwear selection at killer prices. honestly, i'd spend some time browsing the website because there's some incredible stuff.

this sweater seems warm, cozy and perfectly oversized.

jackets // i only have a few, but the one's i have i really love!

this jacket is everything. i want it, but i have no use for it.

i feel certain that oversized denim jackets are going to be IN this year with jeans. i just bought it!

i feel it absolutely crucial to have a good morning walk jacket. this is mine!

shoes // i'm simple when it comes to shoes, prob cuz i have such a big foot.

bought these blundstones with shearling insoles last year and have worn them 4 days/week the entire year. it hurts to be so so basic San Francisco, but i don't even care.

loafers are a must for the fall szn. i like these ones and these ones for classics. and these ones for a more gucci clog knock-off look. i found a pair on The Real Real.. here's to hoping they fit! if not, i'll be selling them on ig stories next week. for my size 10 gorlies, here's a similar pair i found on depop, a dupe of the original but so cute.

bags + accessories // i'm not a bag girl, so if you're like me and just need a vehicle to carry things, enjoy.

this is my everyday bag - i bring it everywhere and love how casual it is.

if you need something a bit fancier, i love everything from this small, woman-owned business that makes handmade vegan leather handbags.

chunky scarves continue to have a chokehold on me and i have yet to find one i properly drown in (suggestions welcome), here's one that i found that seems promising.

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