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dill pickle french fries

save this recipe for when you’re craving french fries at home! they’re the best.

ingredients //

2 russet potatoes

2tbsp avocado oil

dill pickle seasoning

1tsp salt, to taste


preheat oven to 450. wash + cut your potatoes. let them sit in an ice bath for 15min to remove starch - this how you get em crispy. drain + pat dry. season with avocado oil, dill pickle seasoning (from tj’s) and salt. add to a non stick pan bake for 20min, flip when brown on the bottom & bake for 10-15 more min. remove and enjoy.

*this is how i make homemade french fries regardless - usually i throw in salt, pepper, paprika

*hot tip: throw em in a bowl with feta & lemon zest on top - i’ve had that at a few greek restaurants and it’s amazing!

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