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chicken caesar sandwich

the chicken caesar wrap’s cooler, hotter older sister.


bread, of any kind

chicken breast

1 head romaine lettuce

parmesan cheese

anchovies (optional)

salt, pepper, paprika



dijon mustard

2tbsp lemon juice

1 garlic clove, grated

1/4c olive oil


make your lazy girl caesar dressing. mix grate garlic, mayo, mustard and lemon together until creamy. slowly whisk in oil until creamy. set aside.

cook chicken. slice breasts in half, place parchment paper over them and pound down until flattened, add spices (salt, pepper, paprika) and pan fry for 3min on each side.

toss 1 head of romaine lettuce in dressing and top with parm. mix.

toast or pan fry bread until crispy. add anchovies (optional), lettuce and chicken to bread. slice in half and devouuuuur.

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