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chicken + broccoli power bowl

the most nourishing dinner.


2 heads broccoli

1 can chickpeas

evoo, salt/pepper/garlic power, to taste

white or brown rice

2 chicken breasts

for the dressing//

1.5 c raw cashews

2c water

1/4 jalapeño

2 limes, juiced

1/2c water

sea salt


for the dressing: boil cashews + 2c water. remove from heat. cover and let sit for 15 min. strain and blend soaked cashews + other ingredients until smooth. add more seasonings to taste.

for the veggies: coat in evoo + spices and bake @ 425 for 25min.

for the chicken: slice breasts in half, cover in parchment paper and pound with a cup to flatten. season + add to hot oiled pan. cook 2-3 min each side.

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