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apple and shallot grilled cheese

the only grilled cheeeese recipe you need this fall


sourdough bread


apple butter

white cheddar cheese

gruyere cheese

honey crisp apple



olive oil



heat olive oil in a saucepan and add sliced shallots - i used about 5, they cook down! saute until light brown, then add some chopped sage. mix and saute until golden brown, remove from heat.

butter one side of two pieces of bread. add buttered side down to pan, spread apple butter. add freshly grated cheddar cheese, thin honey crisp apple slices, gruyere cheese, and shallots. when the cheddar is melted, add the other piece of bread - butter side up.

press down on sandwich and flip when the bottom is toasty. cook until all of the cheese is melted. remove from heat, cut and serve!

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