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these beauties were born out of my insane craving for rice krispie treats on the night of the snowstorm. when i went to the store, all i could find were gf cacao crisps and vegan marshmallows. so i decided to ball out and buy some of my favorite vegan butter, sugar free chocolate, and get intoooo it. these turned out better than any regular rice krispie treat i’ve ever had. i’m a changed woman. this recipe is similar to the classic with one tweak! p.s. took me 15 minutes to make.

save this, make em, tag me, enjoyyyy!

Rice Krispie Treats (V/GF)

6.5 cups cacao rice crisps 4 cups vegan marshmallows 3 tablespoons vegan butter 1 tablespoon coconut oil 1/2+ cup chocolate chips (i used @hukitchen gems)

start by melting your butter in a large saucepan or pot on medium-low heat. add in marshmallows and stir constantly. keep the heat low enough so that they don’t burn. now - once the marshmallows begin to melt, they will clump up together. the trick here is to add your softened coconut oil and mix, mix, mix! once you have 90% melted mallows, turn the heat off and slowly add in the crisps. i did 3 cups, mix. 3 cups, mix. and waited until the very end to add the last half cup - you might not need it, depending on how you like the consistency of your treats. once the mallows cooled down a bit, i found it was a lot easier to really mix the crisps + mallows together by HAND versus a wooden spoon. work the mixture until they’re incorporated and add to any baking dish. press mix down to settle into the dish. now, melt your chocolate (i do it in the microwave w some coconut oil in 30 sec increments) and drizzle over the treats. after letting the chocolate settle, cut them into squares. let them cool for another 30ish min and enjoy!

leaving mine on the counter wrapped up and they were great the next day and day after!

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