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single-serve tiramisu

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

10 minutes, 8 ingredients. the perfect recipe for 1 person or two people. you haaaaave to make this. recipe is adapted from @zaynab_issa - the tiramisu that she learned how to make in Florence. can confirm it’s INSANELY fluffy and delish. plus, no alcohol!

ingredients// makes 2

2 eggs (separated)

225g mascarpone cheese

1/4tsp salt

1/3c sugar


4 shots espresso

1tbsp coffee liquer (optional)

cocoa powder

chocolate shavings (optional)


pull 4 shots of espresso and add to a bowl along with 1tbsp NA coffee liquor, i like the @lyresspiritco one - it’s not necessary but adds a really subtle sweetness. set aside.

separate egg whites into a stand mixer and egg yolks into a bowl.

mix eggs yolks, mascarpone and salt until creamy. i left my mascarpone out for ~30 minutes beforehand to get it closer to room temp.

beat egg whites and slowly add cane sugar as they begin to froth. mix on high until stuff peaks form. fold this mixture into egg yolk mixture until combined.

slice ladyfingers in half and quickly dip them in your espresso mixture on each side. layer 4 halves in the cup, add cream, and repeat until your glass is full.

chill in the fridge for an hour or two, or more! sift cocoa powder on top and shave some chocolate!

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