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fall harvest bowl

welcome to your new favorite fall dinner recipe - this quick and easy 30 minute sheet-pan harvest bowl is full of protein and veggies to keep you happy, healthy, and satisfied as the weather starts to get cooler.


brussel sprouts

sweet potato


protein of choice (sausage or tofu works best)

1 honey crisp apple

small tomatoes


dijon mustard

maple syrup

salt and pepper

garlic powder

1-2 Tbsp warm water



preheat your oven to 350 degrees. chop your veggies and lay them out on a sheet pan - I used ~2 cups of each veggie. mix equal parts Dijon mustard + maple syrup in a glass. add spices to taste + a little bit of warm water to reach desired consistency. pour dressing over veggies and mix to coat. place sheet pan in oven for 20-30 min- add to a bowl and enjoy!

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